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Joy is an experienced educator and facilitator whose classes, workshops, panel discussions, and guest lectures have been attended by thousands of teachers, young people, youth workers, healthcare providers, college students, higher ed administrators, and community organizers in Chicago, throughout Illinois, and across the country. In addition to her community education with the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health and Invisible to Invincible: Asian Pacific Islander Pride of Chicago, she has also been an adjunct instructor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and a teaching assistant at the University of North Carolina in both online and classroom formats.


She specializes in workshop facilitation and curriculum development related to sexuality education, LGBTQ identities and issues, adoption, Asian American communities, reproductive rights and justice, community organizing and advocacy, and youth development.


Workshop Topics include (but aren't limited to):

  • Reproductive Justice: RJ 101 (and beyond), Adoption & Adoptee Justice, Asian American Reproductive Justice, RJ Intersectionality (with DV/Gender-Based Violence, Disability Justice, LGBTQ issues, Youth, Immigration, Economic Security)

  • Sexual Health: Sexuality Education & Standards, Reproductive Anatomy, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Methods of Protection, Consent, Healthy Relationships, Pregnancy & Birthing

  • LGBTQ Topics: LGBTQ 101 (and beyond), LGBTQ Health, Bisexuality & Biphobia, LGBTQ Intersectionality (with DV/Gender-Based Violence, Disability Justice, Youth, Immigration, Economic Security, Reproductive Justice)

  • Nonprofit Topics: Evaluation Basics, Youth-Adult Partnerships, Policy Advocacy, Grassroots Fundraising, Values-Based Organizational/Personnel Policies, Digital & Social Media for Social Change


Request Joy to speak at your event, facilitate a training, or assist with curriculum development today.

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