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Decks Pictured Above (l to r): Slow Holler Tarot, Morning Calm Oracle Deck, Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle Deck

Welcome to Femme of Spoons Tarot, my emerging divination practice.

A reimagined member of the Minor Arcana Royal Court, Femme of Spoons Tarot pays homage to the femme artists and writers who insisted that aesthetics, activism, and intellect are not and never have been mutually exclusive, and the disabled, crip, and chronically ill organizers and healers whose mutual aid survival work keeps our communities alive and sustained today. To support this legacy of disabled brilliance and creativity, a portion of each season's proceeds will be donated to a featured Disability Justice organization.


Drawing on my background as an educator, facilitator, organizer, and mental health practitioner and lived experiences as a queer cis femme of color, diasporic Korean, Earth-centered spiritualist, and physically disabled and chronically ill person, Femme of Spoons Tarot starts from a feminist, trauma-informed, anti-oppressive, disability justice, and anti-imperialist mindset. I have been studying and reading tarot since 2016, and was a 2022 Anansi Cohort and EarthWerk Program member in Jade T. Perry’s Cecilia Weston Spiritual Academy.

Anyone is welcome at the Femme of Spoons Tarot reading table, and those in search of a perspective that honors queer and trans identities, disability and chronic illness, neurodivergence, non-monogamy, kink / BSDM, polytheistic or agnostic spirituality, harm reduction, and informed consent will find the seat has been warmed for you.


What do you know?

What do you want to know?

What do you not yet know about what you know?


Pull up a chair so we can get curious and explore together.

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